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The journey of Nawah was not easy!
image Siddharth Sekhar Mohapatra

Managing Director

To give all your new ideas a new space to thrive, we locked our seat on the roller-coaster ride of the real estate sector in circa 2014. During our journey we experienced a lot but learnt much more. While the definition of ‘space’ has changed in the course of time, our aim to take care of everyone’s imagination has not. From that sense of conviction, and to be relevant, we have adopted a change in our identity.

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Success ensued when logic and magic connected for the first time

Nawah was born in 2014 from the mind of a man passionate about bridging the gap between Indian and global living standards. We began humbly as a small company but grew exponentially as the years went by. Our great feats could be achieved only with the perfect blend of logic and magic that we bring into the real estate industry.


Increased moments of finesse come with stability and adaptability


To our spirit and merit, those emotional cheers

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    Mahant Panda| 9 Grand Avenue

    I had been looking for a flat for quite a while but did not find any that suited my tastes. It was after some searching that I got to know about 9Grand Avenue from one of my co-workers. It is luxurious and the amenities are exemplary.

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    Bimal Talapatra | 9 Grand Avenue

    Upon my first visit, I found the site to be providing a number of amenities inclusive of full-proof security. Excellent project.