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method and madness


Consistently building inspiring custom homes requires a close-knit team that is flexible, accommodating and great at communication.

This is why we surround ourselves with like-minded people who value standards as highly as we do.

We began a decade ago as a family business and are still using many of the same trades and contractors today – many are in their second generation just like us. We maintain great relationships with those who help us solve problems with care and innovation. We find the right people for each job and foster a culture of driven, out-of-the-box thinkers- that is how we constantly come up with new ideas and solutions.

We are a friendly bunch too. By the completion of the home, we often have a great bond with our clients because we’ve spent time together guiding them through decisions and solving problems until they are happy. And ultimately, that is why we get up every morning.


Siddharth Sekhar Mohapatra
Managing Director

To give all your new ideas a new space to thrive, we locked our seat on the roller-coaster ride of the real estate sector in circa 2014. During our journey we experienced a lot but learnt much more. While the definition of ‘space’ has changed in the course of time, our aim to take care of everyone’s imagination has not. From that sense of conviction, and to be relevant, we have taken a leap of transformation. For better.

To give our visions a new home, we at the house of OU Infraprojects are proudly launching Nawah. The spirit is renewed and the energy is fresh, but the soul remains the same. And now, we set sail towards a greater ambition that will take us to your imagination, only closer.

We believe that great things stem from small ideas when we diligently work on them. And moving forward, we aim to move a notch higher and attain perfectionism while retaining our eye for detail. Our attention has to be enhanced now more than ever so that we can come up with great solutions that will create ripples throughout the real estate industry.

Nawah is a new hope for the future, and the bridge between people and their lifestyle

Bijayalaxmi Tripathy

In the path we had been taking towards a re-imagined lifestyle for the community, Nawah has been a turning point. At the same time, it has also been a fresh new start.

This new real estate brand presented by the house of OUIPL Infraprojects will not only provide a new lifestyle to our patrons, but has also been quite a learning experience for all of us within the team.

With the creation of Nawah, we have found a new perspective and a revolutionary outlook that we propose to carry into the community. Our aim is to provide exceptional services to our consumers, stand by them throughout, and keep their desires always as the aim we need to reach towards.