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method and madness


(Emotional Intelligence)

In Today’s time where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword, we pride ourselves on our EI (Emotional Intelligence), Inspired by Mr. Narayan Murthy’s statement “technology does not drive business, People do!”, we at Nawah realize the importance of stellar team work in consistently building customised homes.

Our homes are reflection of our commitment to maintaining a close knit team of discerning experts.

Since our inception in 2014, we have progressed and evolved in the real estate space. We use novel business processes and cutting edge models to challenge our own boundaries. Because of this mindset we feel “We are the best amount equals”.

We are committed to maintaining harmonious relationship with all our stake holders, in sync with our management philosophy of Emotional Intelligence raised to the power of Infinity.

We head hunt the night professionals for the desired job roles and provide them with the freedom to ideate and execute, thus catalysing new concepts and solutions.

While it may seem, we are fiercely task oriented, we bond seamlessly with all our customers taking ideas, feedback and suggestions in completely informal settings.

Little wonder, that people come to us as customers and stay back as friends for life.

Siddharth Sekhar Mohapatra
Managing Director

Sometimes small Ideas make a big difference. One such idea sprouted in the form of giving premium yet affordable housing to potential real estate buyers.

Nawah realised that the market was fixated with the idea of space alone and not giving a premium to the idea in Imagination.

We took a leap of faith from our mother company, OU Infra Projects and launched NAWAH. Nawah brings together the soul of past credentials, experience and the spirit of youthful vigour, thus, having the twin engines to bridge the gap between space & Imagination.

Nawah Strives to be meticulous, diligent and perceptive to customer needs.

Nawah balances giving attention to the project details while not missing out on the bigger picture of design elements.

Nawah is committed to research, hard work to deliver real estate projects which will trigger a constructive Ripple effect on the sector as a whole.

Bijayalaxmi Tripathy

In the path we had been taking towards a re-imagined lifestyle for the community, Nawah has been a turning point. At the same time, it has also been a fresh new start.

This new real estate brand presented by the house of OUIPL Infraprojects will not only provide a new lifestyle to our patrons, but has also been quite a learning experience for all of us within the team.

With the creation of Nawah, we have found a new perspective and a revolutionary outlook that we propose to carry into the community. Our aim is to provide exceptional services to our consumers, stand by them throughout, and keep their desires always as the aim we need to reach towards.